About Us

ALIEN Hydroponics

ALIEN Hydroponics has been evolving and perfecting hydroponic systems in the United Kingdom since 2013, 5 years after the founder started building and tweaking his own systems. Designed and refined by real growers, ALIEN has been constantly evolving hydroponics to the next level with continual innovation and improvement over 15 years. Not just coming up with quick-fix add-on measures to fix issues, ALIEN has been completely redesigning systems to evolve to perfection, and providing superior customer support for over a decade.

Black Dog Horticulture Technologies & Consulting

Black Dog Horticulture Technologies & Consulting, the distributors of ALIEN systems in North America, has been serving commercial and home growers from Colorado since 2010 and shares this core value of innovation, iteration and improvement. One of the oldest LED grow light companies still in existence, we are indoor gardening enthusiasts; our passion for our work comes from the desire to create and provide quality products we want to use in our own gardens, and help our friends maximize their gardens as well. From water lilies to cactus, orchids to tomatoes, we have learned from growing thousands of different types of plants indoors and love to share our experience with our customers. Our network of expert contacts continues to expand- as ALIEN's has in Europe. That's why we're so proud to be partnering with and distributing ALIEN Hydroponics systems in North America.

Customer Service and Expertise is Our Specialty

We take pride in our customer service, and have expertise not only from decades of combined personal growing experience, but from 13 years of serving and supporting the industry, with a network of contacts spanning the world. From providing suggestions for eliminating pests to greenhouse or indoor facility design, including things like workflow planning and optimization, we can provide you with all the assistance you need to maximize the quality and quantity you can harvest from your high-tech garden.

Meet Bodhi, The Original Black Dog

Bodhi, The Original Black Dog