Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems

Please note that ALIEN® RDWC systems are not yet stocked in North America; they are expected in early 2024. The V-SYSTEM ultimate recirculating deep water culture system is available. If you have interest in the RDWC systems, please contact us here for more information.

Our next-generation RDWC system makes growing top-quality plants indoors effortless. We combine ground-breaking technology with the classic deep water culture method to make it easier than ever.

Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) is a method used to grow plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

The ALIEN® RDWC system provides excellent results, fast vegetation times and high plant yield, reducing growing time and increasing profit for you.

The RDWC hydroponic system works using the quietest JET-STREAM™ A.I.R™ pumps to increase oxygen delivery to the plant"s roots while they're submerged in the recirculating nutrient-rich water. The JET-STREAM™ A.I.R™ pumps have been designed with Deep Water Culture in mind and boast a high pressure to deliver oxygenated water to the root zone. The pump also features a double dampening system for noise absorption, and the twin air chambers provide a large quantity of air at an intense pressure to the Air Rings™ while still retaining low noise and wattage. With a large volume of nutrient solution in the system, the only thing you need to do is maintain the pH and EC levels and plan your next crop. It's that easy.

The RDWC hydroponic system fittings are threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts, making system installation and relocation easier. Heavy-duty clips situated on the sides of the pots elevate the airlines off the floor. All RDWC systems come with chiller fittings on the side of the header, making chiller installation simple.

Reservoir tanks are an optional add-on and ensure the optimum nutrient solution level is maintained.

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RDWC system features

Patent-pending Dual-Flow Fittings
The patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fittings are an oversized 2" / 50mm for a more free-flowing system. Slots located on the sides of the patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fitting reduce the chances of root clogging.


Silver polymer pipe

Heat-reflective silver 2" / 50mm pipe for better flow and less heat introduction. No glued connections for faster, easier set-up that can be re-configured later if needed.

Filter with ball valve
Ball valves to control flow rates and heavy-duty inline filters are included.


Silver Polymer pot
The 5 gallon / 20L or 9.5 gallon / 36L pots and lids are also produced from heat-reflective silver polymer. This helps keep nutrient solution temperatures cooler and relieves the water chiller from working as hard.


A.I.R. Injection Ring

JET-STREAM A.I.R™ (Air Injection Rings) deliver a constant flow of oxygen to the roots. Airline sizes are increased to supply the Rings with a strong pressure to achieve maximum oxygen saturation. The flexible micro-pore material automatically sheds hard mineral deposits when pressure changes, so clogging is virtually eliminated.


Made in Britain

Made in Britain from only the highest-quality non-toxic, non-reactive, corrosion-resistant materials.

Recirculation Method

The ALIEN RDWC hydroponic system can optimize maximum growth potential. The super-oxygenated nutrient solution is constantly recirculating around the system. The pump creates a water current that draws the solution through the pots, mixing the nutrients and delivering them to the roots, optimising root health and increasing nutrient uptake efficiency. Importantly, PH and EC levels are maintained continuously due to the high volume of water contained in the system.

4 x Hole Lid

4-Site RDWC Lid4-pot RDWC Kit with 16 sites

Using the 4 hole lid is an ideal way to establish cuttings or seeds in the vegetative stage. This is a far more efficient use of space than placing small plants in a single hole lid, and one plant occupying the whole pot for 2-4 weeks.

Once plants are around one week or less away from flowering, transfer the square net pots into single hole lids and place them in the flowering room for the last week of the vegetative stage.

Made of 3mm thick ABS plastic, the lid can also take the weight of 4 fully grown plants if needed.

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