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Easy to clean
Easy to clean

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Welcome to the future of hydroponics. The powerful V-SYSTEM™ has been designed to help you grow trees with brand-new technology never seen before in the industry. Years have been spent developing this highly-oxygenated RDWC system that will give you the healthiest root zones and massive yields.

In an industry first, the V-SYSTEM doesn't use an air pump to oxygenate the nutrient solution, using Venturi valve technology instead. Simple, yet effective- and no more clogged airstones!

Using precision design, the water flow creates a whirlpool vortex that oxygenates and circulates the fluid content of the entire pot, rather than just the area around the airstone. No matter where your roots are growing in the pot, they will receive the highest oxygen and nutrient levels to grow exceptional crops.

Ultra-wide, customizable length, 5" return-flow tubing minimizes issues with roots clogging the pipes, and the Vortex pump creates a free-flowing system that simultaneously injects each pot with fresh nutrient solution from the header. Whether you have a 4 or 20 pot system, the nutrients supplied to your plants will be equal in every pot, giving you a consistent crop. Direct injection gives a vastly faster response to nutrient/pH dosing compared to other RDWC systems!

The massive 15-gallon / 58 liter V-SYSTEM pots create giant root zones allowing for huge plants and the highest yields. Expertly designed, the sloped shape of the pot bottom allows you to drain the entire system so you'll only grow in the freshest water.

Unlike other hydroponics systems, the V-SYSTEM's JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump is located outside the header pot and air-cooled, so less heat is transferred to the fluid. Cooler water temps mean less chance of root rot and other pathogens affecting your crop. The pump is also easier to clean!

Now is the time to be part of the new wave of hydroponics systems that will make it easier for you to grow bigger and better than ever before.

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Innovative design, ready for the future

Years of research and development ensures success right from the start!

Vortex MotionVortex Motion
Vortex Motion

The ground-breaking V-SYSTEM uses a whirlpool to naturally oxygenate all of the solution in every pot to maintain perfect O2 levels for growing healthy roots.

Naturally AspiratedNaturally Aspirated
Naturally Aspirated

Using Venturi technology, oxygen is drawn into the V-SYSTEM creating a quiet flow of air without needing an air pump or airstones that clog over time.

Free FlowingFree Flowing

In an industry first, the V-SYSTEM uses ultra-wide 5" customizable-length tubing to eliminate root clogging and create extremely free-flowing nutrients for any size grow room.

Grow TreesGrow Trees
Grow Trees

The massive 15 gallon / 58 liter V-pot can hold huge root zones allowing for incredible growth and the highest possible yields.

Perfect Nutrient DistributionPerfect Nutrient Distribution
Perfect Nutrient Distribution

The pressurized V-SYSTEM effectively delivers nutrients to every root system simultaneously without flowing through other pots first, giving all of your plants the best growth advantage.

Total DrainageTotal Drainage
Total Drainage

The base of the V-pot is sloped to allow for 100% nutrient change-outs and ensure your plants are only grown in the freshest water.

Almost Zero Heat TransferAlmost Zero Heat Transfer
Almost Zero Heat Transfer

The V-SYSTEM's water pump is outside the header pot and air-cooled, meaning almost zero heat transfer from pump to fluid, keeping water cooler and roots healthier.


Combining the circular flow with the air injected by the Venturis, the V-SYSTEM maintains optimum O2 levels in the entire root zone.

V-SYSTEM Features

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V-SYSTEM 4 pot

The V-SYSTEM quietly pressurizes feed lines and injects each pot with fresh super-oxygenated nutrient solution.

Scalability & Configurability

The V-SYSTEM is scalable from 4 pots to giant, multi-pump setups with hundreds of pots. View the configuration options here; you can also contact us for larger commercial or custom system configurations- we can help build your dream hydroponic system!

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