Grow Lights

While ALIEN hydroponic systems will work with any light, our superior hydroponic growing systems deserve superior lights for optimal results.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 lights have a plant-specific, UV-to-IR spectrum that better penetrates dense plant canopies and keeps plants shorter and bushier to maximize yield per square foot. Ultraviolet light in the spectrum also maximizes terpene, pigment and antioxidant production in plants so whatever crop you're growing will be tastier and more nutritious. PhytoMAX-4 builds on our 13+ years of LED grow light design experience, offering superior quality at a lower price we'e never been able to offer before!

Coupled with an ALIEN hydroponic system, Black Dog LED lights will take your production to the next level- increasing both harvest quantity and quality! You can check out Black Dog's lights on our website or purchase them as a kit with any Alien Hydroponic System- we've taken the guess work out by including the right size and quantity of lights to match any hydro kit.

Black Dog PhytoMAX Light Features

Phyto-Genesis Spectrum

The PhytoMAX spectrum is designed specifically for maximizing flower and fruit production. Violet light (400-450nm) better penetrates dense plant canopies to keep lower leaves happy and productive, while ultraviolet (<400nm) light stimulates terpene, antioxidant and anthocyanin production for tastier, more nutritious crops and more fragrant, colorful flowers.



We have lots of experience- Black Dog has been designing and selling lights since 2010; among the oldest LED grow light companies still in existence. We don't just sell lights, we grow with them as well- we know what they can do with a wide variety of crops. Perfecting LED grow lights for more than a decade, we're still around because we've always produced a superior grow light.



Compact design minimizes shadowing more than any other grow light in supplemental-lighting greenhouse applications.


Actively Cooled

Active cooling gives our LEDs an edge- higher efficiency and a longer lifespan. With tens of thousands of lights in the field we've never had a fan fail and cause a light failure. The fans we've been using for the past 7 years have never failed in the field, but even if one did, our patented design with multiple redundant fans ensures your fixture will be operating at peak efficiency for years to come. It also means our lights can be flush-mounted to the ceiling- the top of our lights remain at room temperature and don't require an air gap.


7 Different Sizes

Every growing space is different, so we have 7 sizes ranging from 125 to 1500 watts to fit any growing situation.


Designed and Assembled in Colorado, U.S.A.

Proudly designed and assembled in Colorado, the lights are made with only the highest-quality components and have been tested since 2010. We continue to evolve our lights' design to perfection and with a 5-year warranty we stand behind our products, as we always have.