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EasyFeed® Automatic Watering Systems

Please note that ALIEN® EasyFeed® systems are not yet stocked in North America; they are expected in early 2024. The V-SYSTEM ultimate recirculating deep water culture system is available. If you have interest in the EasyFeed systems, please contact us here for more information.

The patented EasyFeed® system suits the needs of any grower, whether you require a four-pot system, 100 pots or more. The simple gravity-fed system is designed to grow with you; you can add extra pots to scale up your system efficiently and with ease, allowing you versatility with the layout of your system. EasyFeed utilizes a 5/8" / 16mm feed tube instead of the conventional 1/4" / 4mm tubing, so clogging when using to apply diluted nutrient solutions is a thing of the past. We even leave the pipe uncut to allow you to create any configuration you require.

Specifically designed with the needs of the soil or coco grower in mind, the EasyFeed watering system is gravity-fed and needs no electricity, air or water pumps. Installed outdoors to water garden vegetables, or inside for your indoor plants, the EasyFeed has a variety of pot size options to suit your needs.

The battery-operated EasyFeed timer allows you to control the watering frequency- choose from hourly, daily, every two or three days or even once-a-week watering options. The even, consistent feeding schedule allows the substrate to partially dry between watering cycles and, used in conjunction with our breathable fabric pots, drastically increases oxygen to the root zone. Other bottom-feeding systems provide water constantly without dry-back which results in weaker plants, but EasyFeed allows you to dry the pots as much as you want between waterings.

The timer also prevents massive spills. This type of bottom-feeding system is prone to having a single pot's float valve fail and flood the entire contents of the water reservoir onto the ground. With EasyFeed, the timer only allows water out for a short period, so even if a float valve fails it won't flood out a full reservoir tank in a matter of minutes.

EasyFeed Setup

EasyFeed system features

Float Valve
Each EasyFeed pot tray has a float valve to prevent overflow, even if pots are at different elevations. The float valves are anchored through the side of the tray, preventing them from becoming dislodged and causing floods as happens with other bottom-feeding systems.


Fabric pots for better roots

EasyFeed's fabric pots are manufactured using a high-quality breathable fabric that creates superior root systems by "air-pruning" for denser root systems. With superior oxygen penetration and even dry-back, the reusable and recyclable flexible pots are also less likely to blow over in a strong wind outdoors.

Larger pipe to eliminate clogging

EasyFeed's 5/8" / 16mm pipes are compatible with feeding nutrient solutions, not just water. Other systems' 1/4" / 4mm pipes work with water but clog when nutrients are used.

Solvent-free fittings allow faster set-up and easy re-configuration if needed.


Water Timer
The EasyFeed battery-operated water timer only feeds on your schedule, eliminating the common bottom-feeding issues of constantly-wet soil. As well as allowing dry-back for healthier roots, it prevents massive floods if there is a float valve failure.


Multiple Pot Sizes

Pot / tray modules are available in multiple sizes to suit your crop. Even mix and match different sizes on one system! 2.5 gallon / 10L, 4 gallon / 16L, 6 gallon / 22L and 8 gallon / 30L pots and trays are avilable.


Made in Britain

Made in Britain from only the highest-quality non-toxic, non-reactive, corrosion-resistant materials.

Easy to set up
Easy to use
Easy to maintain

CheckGravity fed

CheckControl watering frequency

CheckNo nutrient waste

CheckRoots are drawn downward

CheckBreathable fabric pots

CheckEven, consistent feeding schedule for multiple plants

CheckNo need for electric water pumps


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