Choosing the Right System For You

RDWC Systems
EasyFeed Systems

ALIEN® North America offers five different commercial-grade hydroponic systems to suit your needs. All are made with higest-quality, non-toxic, non-reactive, corrosion-resistant materials. Innovative designs with removable and reconfigurable parts provide flexible layouts and later expansion options, along with easy but effective repeated cleaning.

Mostly Medium-Free Options Medium-Free

These systems require a small amount of support medium such as re-usable clay pebbles for the plant to get established and stable. While the systems look similar and can all produce huge yields, they work in very different ways; each has its benefits depending on the environment they're used in. Read more about the differences between deep water culture and aeroponics systems here.


Both systems utilize the recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) technique that can produce explosive growth and huge yields.

  • V-SYSTEM incorporates advanced features to greatly enhance growth and grow giant superior-quality plants while reducing maintenance.
  • RDWC provides traditional recirculating deep water culture with innovative upgrades and reduced cost. Perfect for medium to large plants, with 2 pot sizes.


Aeroponics evolved to the next level, AERO's advanced modular design features ultimate control over feeding, with 2 pot sizes and recirculating or drain-to-waste configuration options.

Medium options Medium


RAIN mimics natural rainfall to evenly distribute nutrients to plants in any medium of your choice: soil, coco, peat, rockwool, clay pebbles and more. Configurable as drain-to-waste or recirculating, there are 2 pot sizes to choose from and many innovative features to grow the best plants with less work.


EasyFeed is a low-cost, simple but effective system to water and apply liquid nutrients to multiple plants; its unique design allows for controlled dryback to prevent root rot and maximize growth.

Comparing ALIEN Hydroponic Systems:

Hydroponic method RDWC RDWC Aeroponics Top-feed Bottom-feed
Pot sizes available 15.3 gallon (58L) 5 gallon (20L)
9.5 gallon (36L)
4 gallon (15L)
8 gallon (30L)
4 gallon (15L)
8 gallon (30L)
2.5 gallon (10L)
4 gallon (16L)
6 gallon (22L)
8 gallon (30L)
Can be expanded
Minimal medium required
Oxygenates nutrients
Fresh nutrient distribution direct to every pot
Doesn't require electricity
Can be used on uneven ground
Can be used with soil or coco
Can grow root crops

What's the difference between the RDWC and V-SYSTEM?

Both systems utilize recirculating deep water culture methods, but there are a few key differences between the systems.

The RDWC system pump allows water to flow through the bottom of each pot in turn, where it is mixed into each pot by the rising bubbles from the clog-resistant JET-STREAM A.I.R.™ air injection rings. Because nutrients must flow through other pots before getting to pots further down the system, a minor amount of nutrient and temperature imbalance can occur between pots. Unlike most RDWC systems on the market, the drain/recirculation lines run through the base of each pot, allowing for almost-complete drainage of the system during nutrient change-outs.

The V-SYSTEM pump is external (not submersible) so it doesn't heat up the nutrient solution like a submersible pump does. The pump injects the nutrient solution directly into each pot through a Venturi valve to create a super-oxygenated whirlpool to ensure even nutrient distribution to every root in every pot. The water then leaves underneath the pot and recirculates through 5" drain pipes to minimize issues with root clogging.

Sloped pot bases and drain barbs on the drain elbows allow for complete drainage of the V-SYSTEM during nutrient change-outs. Because the pots are round, plants can be easily rotated in their pots without having to lift the plant, making inspection, pruning and spraying simple.

Comparing the V-SYSTEM and RDWC

Feature V-SYSTEM RDWC Other RDWC Systems
Oxygenation method Venturi JET-STREAM A.I.R.™ rings Air stones
Pot shape round square rectangular
Does not require an air pump
Patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fittings
Silver reflective polymer pots and pipe to reject radiant heat
Easily-cleanable nutrient solution filters
Vortex maximizing nutrient and O2 distribution
Fresh nutrient distribution direct to every pot
Complete drainage possible almost
External pump to minimize heat
Plants can be rotated in their pots 1°-360° 90°, 180°, 270° (must lift the lid & plant) 180° only (must lift the lid & plant)
Pot sizes available 15.3 gallon (58L) 5 gallon (20L)
9.5 gallon (36L)
13 gallon or smaller
Drain / recirculation line diameter 5" 2" 2-3" or smaller

ALIEN Hydroponic Systems:


The ultimate recirculating deep water culture system

Grow Giants with Less Work

  • 15 gallon / 58L pots support large plants
  • Vortex fluid motion maximizes nutrient and O2 distribution
  • 5" tubes & fittings to eliminate root clogging
  • Naturally oxygenated / aspirated- no more clogged air stones!


V-SYSTEM 6 Pot Kit
V-SYSTEM 20 Pot Kit


Recirculating Deep Water Culture

    Perfect for Medium to Large Plants

  • Reduced veg and accelerated flowering
  • Flexible, scalable modular system
  • Minimal medium required, 2 pot sizes available
  • Reduced cost from start to finish
RDWC 4 pot kit
RDWC 24 Pot Kit


Aeroponic recirculating or drain-to-waste system

  • More control of nutrient uptake to regulate plant growth
  • Uniform growth ideal for ‘sea of green’ technique
  • Minimal medium required
  • Quiet operation
AERO System
AERO System


Top-feeding recirculating or drain-to-waste system

  • Works with any growing medium
  • Medium acts as buffer
  • Uses water and nutrients efficiently
  • Quiet operation
RAIN 4-pot system
RAIN  28-pot system


Bottom-feeding system

    The Evolution of Simple and Effective

  • Low cost, gravity fed, simple operation, flexible layout
  • No water pumps, just a battery-operated timer
  • Control watering frequency to prevent root rot
  • Breathable fabric pots in 4 sizes
EasyFeed 4 pot kit
EasyFeed 16 pot kit