Boost Your Local Hydro Shop and Grow Your Community!

Are you passionate about indoor gardening, hydroponics, and sustainable cultivation practices? We have exciting news for you! Introducing the SupportLocal Rebate Program, a unique initiative that encourages you to support your local hydro shop and grow shop by purchasing Black Dog LEDs and ALIEN Hydroponics kits!

How the SupportLocal Rebate Program Works:

  • Purchase from any Hydro Shop or Grow Shop: To be eligible for the rebate, customers must buy Black Dog LED lights and/or ALIEN Hydroponic systems from any hydro shop, grow shop or online grow supply retailer. Supporting local businesses fosters community growth and ensures access to expert advice and high-quality products.
  • Capture Your Hydroponics Journey: After purchasing Black Dog LED light(s) or ALIEN Hydroponics systems, take a photo of the light(s) hung or system assembled in your grow space with the receipt visible. Submit an image of the product(s) set up as well as a photo of your receipt. These images serve as proof of purchase and help us celebrate your commitment to the future of cultivation.
  • Submit Your Rebate Claim: To claim your rebate, visit this page and fill out the rebate claim form below. Attach the photos of your setup, ensuring the receipts are clearly visible. Our straightforward process makes it easy for you to receive your well-deserved rebate.

There is no limit to the number of lights or systems you can receive a rebate on!

Offer available in the US only. The rebate payment will be made via PayPal or mailed check after proof of purchase has been received and verified.

The Perks of SupportLocal Rebate Program:

  • Reap the Rewards: Qualified customers will receive a rebate from $40 to $500 for each light or hydro system purchased; rebate amount depends on the light or hydroponics system purchased- see the table below. By growing with Black Dog LEDs and/or ALIEN Hydroponics, you're entering the future of cultivation. Increasing your yields and crop quality, while maintaining overall energy savings.
  • Support Local Businesses: By buying from local hydro shops and grow shops, customers directly support local entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of your community's horticultural ecosystem.
  • Share Your Success: Show off your thriving indoor garden! The program encourages you to share your hydroponics journey on social media, inspiring others to join the "Complete Spectrum Movement".
  • Expert Support: Connect with experienced professionals at your local hydro shop or grow shop who can provide guidance and advice on optimizing your setup for maximum yields and success.
  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Investing in Black Dog LEDs' energy-efficient lights and ALIEN Hydroponics' resource-saving systems aligns with environmentally-conscious practices, reducing your ecological footprint.

The SupportLocal Rebate Program is your chance to join the cultivation revolution, support local businesses, and showcase your hydroponic achievements! Join us in promoting growth by purchasing Black Dog LEDs and ALIEN Hydroponics systems from your local hydro shops and grow shops. Let's cultivate a brighter, more eco-friendly future!

Hurry, the rebate program is a limited time offer!

Rebate Amounts:

Product Rebate
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 1 Pot Kit $50
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 2 Pot Kits $100
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 3 Pot Kits $150
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 4 Pot Kits $200
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 5 Pot Kits $250
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 6 Pot Kits $300
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 7 Pot Kits $350
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 8 Pot Kits $400
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 9 Pot Kits $450
ALIEN V-SYSTEM 10-28 Pot Kits $500
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 2S $40
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 4S $60
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 8S $80
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 12S $100
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 16S $120
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 20S $140
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-4 24S $160