V-SYSTEM 3 Pot 1 Row End Header Kit

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A 3-pot, 1-row V-SYSTEM kit with the header at the end of the row for growing 3 massive plants.

A 3-pot, 1-row kit with the header in the middle (2 pots on one side, 1 on the other) is also available; contact us for more information.

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Key V-SYSTEM Benefits:

  • Direct nutrient distribution
  • Maximum oxygen saturation
  • No air pump needed
  • No heat transferred
  • Vortex fluid motion
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Supports large plants
  • Pots and system completely drain
  • Prevents root clogging
  • Made in Britain

V-SYSTEM 3 Pot 1 Row End Header Kit
Technical Information

Number of pots: 3
Number of rows: 1
Kit total fluid volume: 50.7 gallons (192 L)
Minimum assembled size (can space pots more widely for a larger footprint):
Length: 7' 4.2" (88.2 inches / 2240 mm)
Width: 3' 1.0" (37.0 inches / 940 mm)
Water Pump Included with the Kit:
Model: V-SYSTEM Vortex Water Pump 180W 120V 10800 l/h
Wattage: 180 watts
Flow Rate: 2853 gal/hr (10800 L/hr)
Recommended water chiller minimum capacity: 132 gallons (500 L)
Kit Technical Drawing
Kit Assembly Instructions